Prelim page asks for sports organiser or player

Ok, The idea is that a sports organiser comes here and enters the following details:

Organisers name (username login to db):

organisers password:

name for competition:

Town where competition is held:

Date for first round

competition should be finished by:

Number of teams:

Then a second screen appears which prompts for the correct number of team names

team name 1:

team name 2:

team name 3:


The player would answer the following questions

name of competition:

Town where competition is held:

Date for first round

name of their team:

(so that it can be printed in bold font on the draw page)






Note the order and layouts can be changed to what ever is most logical

Note2 I think that you will find the engine which makes up the draw to be the hardest part of this whole process, because it has to be able to cope of odd (byes) and even numbers of teams and it must be able to cope with large numbers teams, say up 30 to start with!?

If you get stuck, with the logic of the draw or some other aspect, just "Control G" me so I can help

Have fun!

Then page three comes up and displays the full draw showing

round # date "name of team 1" vs "name of team 2"; other combinations

round 1


team 1 vs team 2

team 3 vs team 4

round 2


team 1 vs team 3

team 2 vs team 4

round 3


team 1 vs team 4

team 2 vs team 3

This table would show actual dates for events and actual team names entered.

It might be possible to ask people to pay for a printed copy of the draw which we can mail to them if they supply us with mail address details (or PDF email details) and some mastercard details. Alternatively if we get enough interest, we might be able to sell some advertising. What do you think?