Proof at last!!!

Well after 3 years and more then half a dozen failed experiments, at last I can show you proof that my theories are in fact correct.

Please read the text FIRST, then view the video clips, located at the bottom of this page (quicktime format) which are currently downloading.

Left: This view shows the outside and underneath side of the Aluminium surface used in this demonstration.

In the first clip (bottom of page) you can see two aluminium blocks rolling along the bottom of an aluminium trayed tiptruck (at a slight incline, picture left), the larger block consists of 2 seperate cylinders, each containing magnets arranged to give rings of North and South poles. One block contains six magnets, the other twelve.

Right: The second block (the one on the right) which appears in these video clips is a solid block of Aluminium, and is included as a control, to show that the magnets do make a difference, and are the cause for the increased acceleration. Hence proving that magnets can do work!


Left: The bottom block is solid and made up of the same Aluminium as the top block, but contains no magnets.

Right: looking into the tip truck through the opening at the rear end.

Movie one showing pure Aluminium and magnet containing aluminium blocks side by side.

Clip One
Once you can see the picture, double click on it to start the movie

The block at the top of the picture is the one containing the magnets, and according to my interpretation of Lenses Law, should accelerate faster the one at the bottom, which is the same size, but made only from Aluminium. As this is in fact what happens, it proves my theory correct.

Movie two showing pure Aluminium and magnet containing aluminium blocks one after the other.

In the second video, the block containing the six magnets is removed in the third part of this clip, so that this time the smaller block is the one containing the magnets. The removal of the extra block halves the magnetic affect.

Clip two
Once you can see the picture, double click on it to start the movie

Part one: The block on the left (Clearly made up of 2 parts) contains a total of 18 Neo-magnets, as you can see it repeatedly pushes the other pure Aluminium block along.

Part two and three: This time the magnet containing blocks run away from the plain aluminium block, hence once again showing greater acceleration due to Magnetodynamics (Lenses Law).

For the sceptics and those not understanding the laws of gravity, may I remind you that the force of gravity acting on these Aluminium Cylinders is precisely the same 9.8 metres per second squared (g). Hence the only other force affecting this experiment is that exerted by the magnets!

For those of you worrying about the laws of thermodynamics, may I remind you that thermo means heat, and dynamics means motion, hence the laws of thermodynamics refer to motion resulting from heat, eg internal combustion engines. In this experiment heat is not used as the force of propulsion, but rather a magnetic force is used. Accordingly, the term Magnetodynamics could be used (although not yet defined) to describe this type propulsion, and resulting motion.

If you have any comments, thoughts or feedback, please feel free to email me:

Richard Stankey 14/6/98 Lake Cargelligo NSW Australia.